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A premium console experience.

From streaming quality to social integration, Nestri nails the details.

Social Sharing

Share your epic moments with the community. Post clips, screenshots, and live streams directly from your game session.

HD Streams

Experience games in stunning high definition with Real-Time Ray Tracing ensuring crisp visuals and vibrant colors.

Shareable Progress

Your progress is saved in the cloud, allowing you to share your game progress with friends with just a link.

Customizable Controls

Tailor your gaming experience to fit your play style, whether you're on a keyboard, gamepad, or touchscreen.

Steam Library Sharing

Grant access to your Steam library, so everyone on your team can join in on the fun without additional purchases.

Customizable Gaming Experience

Enhance and personalize your gaming experience with mods to suit your style or add new challenges.

Parental Controls

Keep gaming safe and fun for everyone. Set playtime limits and content restrictions to ensure a family-friendly environment.

Lowest Latency

Say goodbye to lag. Enhanced by QUIC, our optimized network infrastructure ensures your gaming sessions are smooth and responsive.

Multiplayer & Co-op

Connect with friends and gamers worldwide in Nestri Parties. Dive into multiplayer battles or join forces in co-op adventures.

It's time you had a cloud console that you were proud of

No queues. No limits. Are you still queueing to play your games? Come on, it's the 21st century! With Nestri, jump straight into action anytime, anywhere – because your gaming appetite shouldn't have to wait.

10,000+ games supported. Think your cloud gaming service has a vast library? Cute. With Nestri, dive into a library of over 10,000+ Steam games, supercharged by our own cloud-save feature for even broader compatibility. Coupled with Proton magic, we ensure your favorite games are always ready to play on Linux right out of the gate.

Family Sharing. Sharing your game library or teaming up for a co-op session with your spouse shouldn't be rocket science. With Nestri, it's a breeze, plus we've got family controls to keep the little ones safe. Because gaming is better when it's shared.

QUIC fast. Sub-second latency. We're not just fast; we're QUIC fast. Using the latest in transmission technology, Nestri delivers a zero-latency gaming experience that won't eat up your data plan. Play more, worry less.

Open-source. Self-hosted. Fancy hosting your own gaming server or tweaking some code? Nestri is open-source and ready for your contributions. Plus, we offer CDN hosting for global playability, cloud saves, and network-wide chatting – all at no extra charge. Check us out on GitHub. Because who likes limitations anyway?

Gaming Events. Tournaments. Now you've got a beast of a console, what next? We host tournaments that let you flaunt those mad gaming skills and win big. It's time to shine, champ. No Web3 stuff, we promise.

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Nestri is the cloud console that makes high-end gaming with friends and family accessible on any device, anywhere, and anytime; removing the need for expensive hardware.